As I look outside my window at the wonder and beauty of the snow I can’t help but think how it applies to life. Everything is dressed in white, like a cosmic pastry chef covered my world in white frosting. It appears bright, clean and fresh. It covers the little bits of trash on the sides of the road, the weeds in the yard. It also seems to unify everything, making it all the same color and texture.

Imagine that you can do this with your mind. You can allow the snow to wipe away the imperfections, giving you a fresh start. Making a fresh start does not need to be drastic or dramatic. It could be as simple as having a new outlook on an old problem. It could be you taking a different way to work or ordering lunch from a new place. Use chopsticks instead of a fork. Hand write a letter instead of sending an email. Changing the little things often facilitates the larger things to change.

Try making ‘change’ your friend instead of your enemy. Flow with it instead of bracing against it. Every event is an opportunity for a new start. Embark on your travels today with a sense of adventure and freshness.