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Inspiration means infused with spirit, to  inhale, to stimulate.  Inspiration seems to bring to life or at the very least, add a little color, or exuberance to the mundane, the everyday.  It’s one of those elusive qualities in life.  Inspiration lands on our shoulders at the most surprising times, like when we are driving home from a long day at work and the sunset explodes before us in vivid reds, brilliant oranges and bright purples, or while listening to the radio as background noise and our favorite song ripples through the air waves.  There is always an element of surprise to inspiration as true inspiration evokes feelings of joy, connection and expansion.  It brings with it optimism, a renewed sense of purpose and reminds us of why we are here and reconnects us with the divine mystery.

Things that inspire me are: inspiring others, my healthy children, my husband, the beach, the sky any time of day, a great cup of coffee in a to-go cup, the first day over 32 degree F in winter, a book written by someone who loves words and a good story, mantra music, drum music, Yo-Yo-Ma, the Beatles, how the world smells in spring, pizza, angels,the moment I’m finished working out, a good hair day, my cats, my twitter account, my own book, a one hundred dollar bill, celebrating other people’s success…

Please share with me things that inspire you, whether it be a book, a movie, a quote, a piece of art, someone you know.