It is spring; a time of transformation, especially for the Divine Feminine. It’s been thousands of years since women have come this close to truly embodying the divine feminine/goddess.  During patriarchal rule, the archetype of the feminine fell to an all time low. She was lost in dusty caverns, hidden like the Dead Sea scrolls. Many women are angry at the global injustices to the feminine.

We have been held down, silenced, tortured, murdered, jailed in our own homes and worst of all, our role as sacred vessels for birth was made shameful.  Our bodies, once revered as temples, were made unclean and the temptation of the devil.  Our worth, wisdom and power was whittled away.

Collectively, we have been clawing our way back from the underworld; like Persephone in winter, relegated to the darkness of Hades.  Blinded by the dark, we lost our sight, our grace and our way.  Our voices were silenced from endlessly crying out.  Finally, when almost all hope was gone, Divine Mother, like Demeter, journeyed down to the underworld to find us, unlock our prison doors and set us free to find our true selves and connect us with our feminine power once again.

We journeyed far, and learned much from the darkness. We have learned to see in the black and we have become intimate with our own darkest corners. We have discovered our mystical powers and gained the knowledge and wisdom to use these gifts, gently and carefully, knowing the power we possess.  Our time has come. Our soft voices can be heard once again. The pendulum has swung, and the polarities are adjusting.  We are allowed to walk with slow dignity back into the light, feeling the transformational breezes of forward movement.  Mother has returned to the den to nurture and watch over her brood.

As we lovingly begin to take back our own reins, it would be helpful for us to remain open minded.  Men have learned much as well.  Men are beginning to understand that power out of balance creates disharmony.  Male rule without the balance of the feminine disregards the sacredness of all life. The feminine power indeed needs to rise up but she needs to bring the male with her.  She must create and allow for a balance of power for her own health and that of the earth.  The feminine aspect needs to be restored in the hearts of both men and women in order to bring about harmony in all of the forces upon the earth.

Yes, men have done horrible things to women. This is true. There isn’t much they haven’t done to our physical forms.  But here we are, in the 21st century, our spirits are unscathed.

It’s time to forgive.

In strong, united voices, we may pledge, “I choose to forgive, to turn the other cheek.  I choose to change the disparity between the sexes to mutual admiration and cooperation.  I no longer want to perpetuate the legacy of animosity towards my life partner.  I choose to make him my ally instead of my enemy.”

We have the option to take the hardened faces of our men between our soft hands, look them in the eyes and kindly, lovingly say, “On behalf of all women I forgive you, who represent all men, for all of your crimes and injustices against women.”  We may even need to be willing to reciprocate, and ask for forgiveness, for we are not completely innocent of negative behavior.

Persephone’s freedom allows spring, new life, and a new way to burst forth.  Each one of us has the option to free our captive feminine and watch with awe and wonder as growth blossoms in our hearts, our homes and our communities.