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When trust and courage come together, it is called belief. When belief and grace come together it is called faith. We must develop our dignity, our integrity, our courage, our faith and our trust to the extent that nothing can shake it. The most courageous act is trust itself. Humble are those who believe and trust in God’s energy and let it flow. Yogi Bhajan

I love this quote.

It sums up my journey in this lifetime. Or, more accurately, my struggle with the flow.  Trust, courage and grace.  These are powerful concepts indeed.  Conceptually, I love them.  Mentally, I aspire to feel the bliss of freedom from worry. In truth, I find them difficult to wield all at the same time.  I’m like a lanky adolescent, not completely in command of these limbs of myself.

My desire is to take these concepts and make them a way of life, to integrate them into my way of being, day in and day out. This is the kicker. Most time I find them slippery little suckers. For me the belief part comes first, in that it is an idea to aspire to inside my mind.  If I focus on belief long enough and get myself into the moment, I can feel it blossom into trust.

It’s in trust where I find the courage to act and then I take that ‘leap of faith.’  I love these moments!  They are the juice of life.  Grace ripples forth in the form of joy- riding the flow. My only gripe is that I don’t have enough of these moments of inspiration.

Leap of Faith

After the ‘leap of faith’ into new territory, I can just as easily drop back into worry and fear again. I scramble, looking for the grace, grasping at thin air.  Again, I find I must sit and breathe, and find the flow of the moment. Sometimes this stage takes me days, weeks, even months.  Then magically, it lands upon me once more.

Currently, I find myself in the scramble phase, hoping for the Grace of a touch of Faith. I will sit and wait patiently because I know it will come.

Wishing you all the grace and joy from trust and faith this holiday season and during 2010!