We sit at the end of 2009, eager to slough off the old year, like last season’s styles, and plunge headlong into the new year.  For many of us, 2009 marked a year of challenges. Our panic buttons were triggered, our patience and faith tried.  It will serve us all to remember that when faced with years such as these, our problems-emotional issues- which persist often are our grand entry into our vastness–our biggest gift.  Julia Cameron says in Walking in the World, “…our fatal artistic “flaw” is often revealed to be our own strength.”

Think about this for a moment.  Your biggest flaw could be your greatest gift.  How cool is that?

For me, this year has taught me just that lesson.  All those aspects of myself which I wrestled with, resisted, or shoved aside, became my gifts when I allowed them and fully gave into them.

“How many are silenced because in order to get to their art (their gifts) they would have to scream?” Ann Clark

This is where a daily practice comes into play.  My daily sadhana, waking before the sun, has enabled me to gently face those hurts, those soft and tender places within.  By rising each morning in the dark (some days I barely make it), and doing yoga and meditation, something magical has begun to happen.  My fears are melting, and my strength is growing. My capacity to handle more aspects of my life with increasing grace is indeed expanding. Wha Hoo!

Sadhana enables me to surf the waves of my subconscious mind, gliding and being carried, instead of being swamped by my own sneaky inner saboteur.  Oh, there is still plenty of mind-play going on within my day, and I still have miles to go before I sleep, but I am armed with a very full and trusty tool belt.

For 2010, I hope to conquer my procrastination demon and put my book back together in a way to make it an inspiring best seller.

Wishing you all the courage to jump through your own rings of fire and find the treasure awaiting you on the other side!