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The little country of Haiti has found its way into everyone’s heart. It is unfortunate that such a horrible event needs to happen before people respond in a united, heart-centered and generous manner. Hearts and wallets all over the world are cracking open to help Haiti recover from its most recent disaster, and that is a beautiful thing.

Just a couple of days after disaster struck the small island country, we sat, my husband and my two nearly six-foot boys, in the middle of the Cheesecake Factory Restaurant in Providence.  I watched a steady parade of platters mounded with pounds of pasta, heaping bowls of salad, and mammoth plates of cakes topped with little mountains of whipped cream,  being marched from the kitchen to the multitude of tables to be consumed by lucky customers.  That’s when it occurred to me just how prosperous we were. We spent nearly $100 on one meal!

I am sure many of you have experiences like this weekly.  That makes us truly fortunate.

A few years ago, I set up a non-profit 501C3 charitable organization just for this purpose – Earth Preservation & Human Relief Fund.  Please, if you feel moved, click on the link above to make your tax-deductible donation via paypal or simply mail us a check made out to: EP & HR Fund, c/o Khalsa, Franklin Yoga & Wellness, 1256 W. Central St., Franklin, MA 02038, and we will send your donations to Haiti to be put to use in some wonderful way – I would like to see the money go towards schools. Thank you in advance.