It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here and I feel guilty of neglect. Blog neglect. Perhaps it was all the rain in April, or the new green growth, or some other shinny object pulling my attention. Anyway, I’m back.

It’s the surprising capacity of the human heart which continually bouys my faith in humanity.  Just when I think the world is a cold and isolating place, I read a story or hear a song in which someone has gone against the current cold and calculating flow of life on this earth, and opened their heart, and sometimes their wallets, to another in need.  These moments are joined together like a mala and just like a prayer or a chanted mantra, bring me from one challenging event to the next.

The movie The Blind Side, which I’ve seen twice, is one of those movies in which a family opened their hearts and home to a young boy in need of both.  The results are successful for all and moved me to tears a number of times. Yes, I am an easy mark, I guess.

My wish is that these heart experiences were more frequent and more ubiquitous.  Honestly, I think I’ve gone days, weeks and even months and not been moved by anything or anyone.  Some of the positive thinkers or new agers would say it has nothing to do with my outer world and everything to do with my inner world.  They are probably right. However, my inner world becomes uplifted, held, soothed and made whole again when evidence that an open human heart has crossed my path.

Lifehouse’s song Everything has lifted me out of the doldrums more than a few times.  Just the words “how can I stand with you and not be moved by you…” are incredible in their devotion and reverence for another-even if it was a fleeting or short lived moment.  These lovers are bound to disappoint one another as we all do.

So, perhaps it is the job of each and everyone of us to contribute just one of these uplifting moments which will join with others and create a path of stepping stones across life’s turbulent ocean.