Happy Dolphin

Seventy percent of our earth is covered in water. Each of us is comprised of the same ratio of water to earth elements (carbon compounds)  – 70%. Our brains our actually 90% water.  One molecule of water can travel hundreds and thousands of miles on our weather system. This molecule could start in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and end up on the farmlands of Idaho or in a reservoir in New York, finally to end up on your table in the form of a potato or a glass of freshly brewed iced tea. Through the miracle of evaporation we share water molecules with everyone in the world.  The seas (and our air) are our life source.

Just last night we heard on the news that World War I ships dumped drum-fulls of chemicals such as mustard gas and other harmful toxins in our oceans off the coast of Massachusetts and who knows where else.  I wonder how much our oceans can absorb before they reach that critical mass.  Already our oceans are becoming more and more acidic – acid rain, coral reefs are bleaching, and sea animals are ingesting our poisons every day.

Just because you don’t have the ability to clean up the oil in the Gulf of Mexico or dispose of the polluting chemical drums dumped in the ocean decades ago, you can help by cutting back on products that contain chlorine, pesticides and any other chemicals which would pollute your drinking water.

WE NEED YOU! If we as consumers changed the way we spend our money and only purchased items which were environmentally friendly we would effectively make the change needed.  The problem would not be solved over night but we would be changing the way we regard the oceans and our water.

It’s not nature we are protecting it’s us!