Kaye & Joan for the First Time

July 21, 2010.

On our first day in Paris we wandered toward the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.  From the banks of Seine River you can see it’s Gothic square spires stretching towards the puffy white and gray clouds.  Even the sky looked French with it’s Louis XIV opulent blue. Two children, one boy and one girl, stretched out their arms, and with small pieces of a baguette held between their fingers, birds- sparrows I think, began to land on their arms and hands for their evening meal.

The queue moved quickly and before I knew it we were passing under the carved arches and between the mammoth wood and wrought iron doors.  I don’t know why the builders of cathedrals make the doors so huge.  A man on a horse could pass beneath with another man on his shoulders.  Maybe the doors are so large merely to accommodate God.

Up on right side of the transept, in view of the huge altar, stood the first real-life Jeanne d’Arc statue I had ever seen.  This would be the first of many.  There she stood, silent, proud and ever-inspiring, with an eternal view of the altar, and the gigantic rose window stretching over her head. This would have made her very happy.

Stay tuned for more photos and details on Joan of Arc and my trip to France…