Dear Friends,
This post  is about offering kind and encouraging words to all of you during these pressurized times.  Today I enjoyed a very heartening lunch with a dear friend. It did not take long for us to realize we were experiencing similar uncomfortable and challenging feelings. We came to the conclusion that there is a global emptying going on, were we are coming up against events, people, jobs, which ‘feel’ jarring, painful, and in opposition to our integrity or just our nervous system.

This emptying is helping us to grow and be more authentic. By finding out who we aren’t we are discovering who we are. By excavating all that no longer aligns with us, we unveil the truth and beauty of who and what we are on a deeper layer.  The metaphor about putting more clothing in a already full closet is perfect for these times.

If you are wanting, asking, praying for change, joy and happiness then understand that you will need to clean out the closet first. Empty out old beliefs, habits, thought patterns and reactive behaviors. Maybe, like me, you may need to recreate old dreams that suit the deeper you.

Here’s what we surmised is going on with most of us while on this path of self-discovery, emptying and excavation.
1. We seem to share a sense of disconnect.
2. Feelings of optimism are fleeting.
3. Old dreams and the old sense of purpose seems to have evaporated.
4. We may feel lost, adrift and without moorings.
5. Our deepest fears may have manifested (if only in our minds).

While we did not come up with a cure, we decided that it is a time to remember and connect with those whom you resonate, or feel a genuine friendship-heart connection. Take heart and take moments to listen to that still voice within.  Trust what you are hearing (as long as it is positive). When the time feels right, take that leap of faith, and act on your guidance.

I look forward to seeing you on the path and send this Buddhist blessing to you all.

May all beings be safe.
May all beings be healthy.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings live with ease.

Wishing you ease and joy on your courageous journeys.