2011 seems to be the year for expanding those comfort zones, stretching out our creative legs, and breaking through old preconceived notions and limitations of our own abilities.  When I meet face to face with the boundary of my comfort zone my first response is fear. I’m like a cat. My back goes up and my nervous system cries ‘warning, something strange in our field.’

Costa Rica has had this effect on me in the past. Every single trip we’ve taken down there over the last 10 + years stimulates this response from my nervous system.  Though, this year was different. When we drove up our steep road in our 4 wheel drive rental car and pulled into our own driveway, I began to purr. Well, not actually. In my head I purred and hummed with joy relishing the feeling of expanded comfort. It finally happened. I had successfully pushed through one of my most firm belief systems- that I would always feel challenged in Costa Rica.

What I discovered and continue to rediscover over and over again, is that when we face a fear, it shifts. We simply have to get right in front of it and face it. Look it in the eye. Take it in. Experience it without reacting. When we can be ‘in’ it completely, it begins to soften. The dark scary parts begin to lighten and look more friendly. Soon we are starring into the belly of the beast which is no longer a beast but a sweet house cat.

The miracle of this growth is the inspiration we give to others so they may face their inner demons and push past the false limitations and enjoy the infinite within themselves.

As I feel into the year it seems like it is going to be one of expansion for all of us.  Maybe if we all hold hands as we look into the dark void of fear, we can walk into the light with courage and a new found sense of self.