Hello Friends,

Recently on a NASA special covering the last launch of the space shuttle, a scientist mentioned that the universe was speeding up. Of course, this peaked my curiosity. I was all ears. “What this means,” he said. “Is that when you throw your keys in the air and they fall towards the earth, the speed at which the keys travel in both directions is faster.” Another NASA scientist went on to say there is a pushing force coming from deep space.

Wow, now doesn’t this support our ‘new age’ theory of a change with 11-11-11 or 12-21-12? For many of us, this is a validating scientific explanation for what we have been feeling. People are reporting pressure, frustration, moments of overwhelm, a quickening sensation in the gut, disturbing dreams, fluctuating emotions and the feeling of not being comfortable in our skins or anywhere for that matter.

The strength of the phases of the moon reminds us how we are affected by what is in space. If the molecules in space are speeding up you can bet your own molecules are too. The faster molecules move, the higher their vibration. Higher vibrating thoughts mean an increase in consciousness. This is a good thing.

Now, more than ever, movement, meditation, prayer, deep breathing and healthy eating will make a huge difference in managing this revved up energy–just as a surfer has to paddle to catch the wave and ride it without being swamped by it.

Let go and allow yourself to attune to the spiritual aspect of your being. This is a great opportunity to recalibrate your mind, change behaviors that no longer suit you. Thought always precedes form. YOU have the power.

Be gentle on yourselves and those around you. Take that extra breath before reacting. Drink more water, eat plenty of those fresh fruits and veggies this summer, and do some yoga. Stretching the body helps it to accommodate the increase in vibration more harmoniously.

Wishing you all a great ride!

With love and blessings…