ImageYou’re sitting on the beach. The sun is shinning in a perfect blue sky. The waves are folding in and out. You close your eyes to relax but all you can think of is the dilemma in which you find yourself. You begin to fantasize about how the situation–which is currently scaring the begeezes out of you–will get resolved.
Do you secretly wish to be rescued? Are your worst fears getting a hold of you?
In my work with clients and students, and when I’ve been in the ‘will-someone-please-rescue-me’ phase myself, I noticed this mental/emotional milieu is part of victim consciousness. Bummer right? This is nothing to be ashamed about. We all developed rescue fantasies to some degree-the hope and desire that our knight or princess (in shining armor or the latest fashion) will ride up in the white BMW and save us and defend us from our deepest fear manifesting at the moment–money, a bad job, or an abusive relationship.
The good news is, you will be rescued. But, and I hate to break it to you, your rescuer will not be who you think it will be. Your rescuer will be YOU.  It has to be you. In order to heal the program you must choose to rescue yourself. Notice I did not say we must rescue ourselves. I said, we only need ‘to choose’ to rescue ourselves.

See the difference?

Once, we decide that we are powerful enough to do the rescuing, opportunities suddenly pop up out of the blue to help us in one form or another. The former comes from victim consciousness, i.e., “I’m so weak and powerless I need someone else to fix, help, or rescue me.” The new empowered thought, “I choose to rescue myself,” has weight, conviction, and confidence. They are completely different energies.

Taking responsibility for our own well-being is a form of self-rescue. Knowing when you need to take a break, walk away from a situation not serving you, or simply schedule a massage for yourself. These are all subconscious signals to the body and the universe that you are rescuing yourself. Then suddenly the phone rings and it’s a break through job opportunity or someone offering to help you out in some way.


The universe responds to the state of your mind–only always!