Setting Intentions is just as important as setting a destination on your GPS.

As the world transforms before our very eyes, as the old unwinds and the new swims around seeking anchor in an ever-shifting landscape, we may feel unfocused, overwhelmed, or just plain tired.  Change is confronting and can be frightening. But, it also can be exciting and re-energizing if you allow it.

If you get clear on your dreams, figure out what matters to you, acknowledge your life’s mission, you will have direction.  Ask for and allow yourself to receive help from the Divine. They are standing by, ready to help you on your mission.

Decide where you want to be and then relax. Allow things to unwind and untangle. Allow the universe to help. The fog will lift and your path will be revealed.

By putting yourself into the stream of where your soul wishes you to be, and then relaxing, you will get there sooner. When we fight the currents, we use up precious physical and mental resources and our focus becomes diluted.

Relax, stay focused upon the goal, allow what is, and take care of all those little details in your life–pay your bills, clean up the clutter, eat good foods, move your body daily. Yogi Bhajan’s most favored reply to folks who felt challenged was simply, “Keep Up and You’ll Be Kept Up.”