Since M signifies the beginning of life, the sacred silence of creation and the center of our alphabet, a sense of mystery and magic will really begin entering our lives in a big way shortly, particularly after 12.21.2012.” Tania Gabrielle

I have taken advantage of an author’s prerogative to choose a pen name–Kaye Michelle. For a while, as I waited for my novel to be published, I was using both names–Khalsa and Michelle. Not only was this awkward and confusing, but my life’s direction felt chaotic. So, I’m going all the way and changing everything from Kaye Khalsa, my married name, to Kaye Michelle my first and middle names given at birth.

Many women go through their teen years knowing they will one day give up the name of their parents and take that of a husband. Since I am in my second marriage I have changed my name twice, to the names of my husbands.

This particular change signifies my journey. I have worked doggedly on myself. Always attempting to move beyond old barriers, heal wounds, and take up the banner of my own power and live with joy. Kaye Michelle is completely my name, and I love it that way.