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TaDa! Here it is, at long last, my novel. It is my wish that all who read it will be inspired and healed in some way. RETURN OF THE HEROINE tells the story of Joan of Arc’s deeply spir­i­tual jour­ney with Archangel Michael and how they inspire a mod­ern day woman, fac­ing a very real prob­lem, to heroic action. This is not your typ­i­cal meta­phys­i­cal novel. In it, you’ll find real human emo­tion, sex­u­al­ity, inspired action, spir­i­tual teach­ings, and come face to face with a real-life woman who could not only lead an army but con­verse with angels. Now how cool is that?

Available in hardcover, softcover and e-book, click on the book cover below.
Cover Return of the Heroine